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Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Wiki run by the LGBTQIA+ Archives. This archive seeks to create a publicly accessibly universal index for exploring LGBTQIA+ communities throughout history as well as ideas and perceptions of gender and sexuality. The project began in 2019 and has continued transcribing and indexing public domain works including newspapers, government records, and other available materials. In addition, the archives attempt to link external resources centered around a topic in order to provide a broad basis of discovery for any individual interested in learning more.

This archive is a work in progress that continues to be expanded on. Over 200 historical articles, photographs, and other records have been indexed and published and more continue to be added each week. We welcome suggestions and feedback! Please contact us for any submissions or inquiries. See our blog for recent articles and updates.

Current Archive Projects

  • Archives By State (USA), compiling state and local archives and resources into a single directory
  • LGBTQIA Calendar, a 365-day calendar of events, icons, and queer-related history.
  • LGBTQIA History for the USA, finding and preserving historical media related to LGBTQIA+ communities, concepts, events, and experiences in the United States.
  • LGBTQIA Glossary, an index of terms, an everything of everything.