About Us

Our mission at the LGBTQIA+ Archives is to make LGBTQIA+ history publicly accessible and provide valuable resources for educators and individuals interested in LGBTQIA+ topics. We are committed to ensuring that this important facet of our shared heritage is readily available to the public, fostering a more informed and inclusive society. Through our archival efforts and educational materials, we aim to highlight the struggles, achievements, and contributions of the LGBTQIA+ community, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation for LGBTQIA+ history.

The LGBTQIA+ Archives was established in 2019 with a singular purpose: to embark on the vital journey of gathering and preserving LGBTQIA+ historical documents while simultaneously compiling a comprehensive inventory of existing LGBTQIA+ history resources. This initiative was born out of a deep commitment to ensuring that the invaluable stories and records of the LGBTQIA+ community are not lost to time. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to assemble an ever-growing collection of historical materials and to catalog an extensive list of pre-existing resources, laying the foundation for our ongoing mission of making LGBTQIA+ history widely accessible and fostering greater awareness and understanding.