Mattachine Society

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The Mattachine Society was an early LGBT rights organization in the USA formed in 1950 by Harry Hay.


Mattachine Review

Mattachine Review was a bi-monthly periodical of the Mattachine Society.



D.C. Charity License Scandal (1962-1963)

  • The Evening Star (1962) reports the Mattachine Society was issued a license to solicit donations to "protect homosexuals from discrimination".
  • The Evening Star (1963) describes a congressional hearing beginning over the charity license in D.C.
  • The Evening Star (1963) reports on D.C. officials opposing the license revocation and bill.
  • The Evening Star (1963) describes Franklin Kameny's testimony to the subcommittee and refusal to name members of the organization.
  • The Evening Star (1963) reports the proposed bill considered unconstitutional by the ACLU.
  • The Evening Star (1963) publishes an article about the upcoming D.C. hearing over their charity license.
  • The Evening Star (1963) describes the Mattachine Society in D.C. surrendering their license for charitable solicitations.
  • The Evening Star (1963) reports the ACLU considers the bill harassment targeted at the Mattachine Society.

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