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LGBTQIA+ History in Washington

Early Statehood (1890s-1900s)

Local History

Current Events




  • June 2019 - In Renton, Washington the Renton LGBTQIA Community is formed to combat discrimination and host an annual Pride event.
  • June 19th, 2019 - In Renton, Washington at United Christian Church of Renton, a Pride display of several doors painted in the colors of the rainbow with writing "God's Doors Are Open To All" was vandalized four times throughout the month, and on this day was the target of arson and explosives which prompted an FBI investigation.
  • June 27th, 2019 - In Renton, Washington a combined coalition of extremists including Atomwaffen Division, Patriot Front, Proud Boys, Three Percent ("III%") and others targeted a Drag Queen Story Hour event taking place at Fairwood Library.



  • Carmen Rivera is elected as Renton's first openly-queer city councilmember.
  • Dave Upthegrove is re-elected to a third term as King County councilmember, ran as an openly-gay candidate in his first term for county council.

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